Speech by Laura – one of the 163

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If you are reading this then we already agree on one point – the most important point – that patients with cancer should receive the very best, most easily accessible, appropriate and up to date care that it is possible … Continued

Cancer Care England v Wales

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We have assembled a table, with the help and approval of senior clinicians from within the Welsh NHS, that compares the cancer treatments and facilities available in the New Clatterbridge Cancer Hospital opened 2020 in Liverpool versus those in the … Continued

Scrubs at the Senedd

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SCRUBS @ THE SENEDD this sat 12.Let’s show support to the 163 clinicians who have been silenced.If you have scrubs, great, if not, just come along as you are.

Letter from 163 Clinicians to Welsh Gov

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Mr Vaughan Gething MSMinister for Health and Social Services Dear Mr. Gething, 14th January, 2021 As a large group of clinicians who are specialists in the diagnosis, treatment and care of cancer patients in South-East Wales, we recognise the pressing … Continued

Contact Details for Senedd Members Etc.

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Link to all members of Senedd:- find-a-member-of-the-senedd Click on his/her picture and you should get contact details. Link to Ministers:- https://senedd.wales/find-a-member-of-the-senedd/?PageSize=1000&Page=1&Culture=en-GB&ViewModelType=MemberOfSenedd&IsSubSearch=False&CurrentPageId=1441&IsPostcodeCrossConstituency=False&Postcode=&Name=&ShowAllMinisters=true&Region=&Constituency=&Constituency=&Constituency=&Constituency=&Constituency=&PartyFilterType=party&PoliticalParty=&PoliticalPartyGroup=&partyValueName= Link to Commissioners:- https://senedd.wales/find-a-member-of-the-senedd/?PageSize=1000&Page=1&Culture=en-GB&ViewModelType=MemberOfSenedd&IsSubSearch=False&CurrentPageId=1441&IsPostcodeCrossConstituency=False&Postcode=&Name=&ShowAllCommissioners=true&Region=&Constituency=&Constituency=&Constituency=&Constituency=&Constituency=&PartyFilterType=party&PoliticalParty=&PoliticalPartyGroup=&partyValueName= Link to contact details:- https://business.senedd.wales/mgCommitteeMailingList.aspx?ID=0