Call to Action

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We are calling for support and solidarity from individuals, groups, and campaigns from across Cardiff, as we face down the imminent development of the Northern Meadows. With the Nuffield Advice effectively demolishing the case for building on the Meadows, we are asking for the people of Cardiff to act with us to prevent the unnecessary destruction. Please share our call to action with your communities and organisations. They have also been posted on our website in PDF format. Please also indicate if you’d like us to keep in touch with more updates as we develop letter writing and other campaigning materials. We have many actions which can be easily taken at home, and will continue to monitor the situation on the ground with the community, and provide updates with ways people can help. Your support so far has been immense, demonstrating the people of Cardiff and South Wales care about saving green spaces and preserving what’s left of our environment. We look forward to moving forward together.We hope to keep working with you all to keep building this campaign and saving the meadows!

Nadolig Llawen, a Flwyddyn Newydd Da!

All the best, The Save the Northern Meadows Group