Katrina Sullivan sheds light on the human impact of 10 years of delays and £20 million in spending by Velindre.

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A local campaigner, Katrina Sullivan, and Debra Cooper (L-R)

Katrina Sullivan, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer, joined the community to support Cat Lewis in court on Wednesday.

She shares her reflections on the judgement below.

“It is time to put egos away and focus on doing the right thing for the people of Wales. We cannot accept this already obsolete and fundamentally dangerous stand alone model, as the judge repeatedly said today it is not the desired or wanted option.

We as a Nation cannot accept such poor quality healthcare because Velindre have spent so much money on the plan thus far and wasted so much time it is now considered the only option.”

Kat has previously spoken out against the standalone cancer centre on the northern meadows.

“I am a current patient receiving chemotherapy treatment following surgery for cancer.

I am really scared for my future if the current plan goes ahead as it is just not safe.

I am really lucky to have been able to get a place at The Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil for my chemotherapy, as having no A/E on site at Velindre is and will be terrifying for patients.

I am safer having my chemotherapy in Prince Charles hospital, knowing that if I have a bad reaction to any of my treatments, emergency care is there for me.

I will be needing continuing cancer care from Velindre in the coming years, and I don’t understand why my life and safety is worth less to Welsh Government and Velindre than a vanity project which is not fit for purpose.

Without access to the best current research I and other patients will be excluded from potentially life extending treatments and trials. Research cannot take place without having on site access to A and E at the new Velindre site, so this excludes from opportunities available elsewhere in the UK.

This is such a backward step by all to pursue this outdated and unsafe model for the new Velindre site.

Life with cancer means every day is precious to patients, it is devastating to know that the managers responsible for Transforming Cancer Services in Wales and the Welsh Government seem to have no interest in providing the current best practice for cancer care.”

Thank you Kat for raising your voice in support of saving the meadows. Kat has joined the voices of patients and clinicians who have spoken out against the stand alone model.

Velindre have violated the trust of patients – past, present, and future; failing to cooperate with other health boards to create a cancer centre fit for the future, and suitable for patients, staff, and students.

7 years on from the decision not to pursue the building of the new cancer centre on the grange site at Whitchurch Hospital, Velindre and the Welsh government continue to put the people of South East Wales at risk. As ambulances spend hours waiting outside A&E, we know there’s a human cost to the decade of delay by Velindre.

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More information about the medical model can be found at Co-locate Velindre’s website. Co-locate Velindre are a group of clinicians shedding light on the risks associated with the medical model chosen by Velindre.

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