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  1. H Daniels

    I object in the strongest terms to these woods and meadow being developed for any alternative purpose than the health & wellbeing of the whole community and those further afield. The cancer care hospital may be located elsewhere, but the northern meadows cannot. It is a long established open space which provides connectivity to other open spaces in the vicinity, without the need to leave green space.

    The value of the meadow should not be underestimated, as it will provide an uplifting experience after months of lockdown. In these challenging times there is more need than ever for increased connectedness to nature and the sights and sounds of the meadow and woods will contribute to health & wellbeing and in turn, act as a catalyst for economic and societal recovery.
    97% of UK wildflower meadows have been eradicated in less than a century and species-rich grassland now covers less than 1% of the country. The prospective loss of the meadow, its wild flowers and grassland would drive further declines in bee and butterfly populations.
    This remaining natural meadow within the city has survived the bulldozer until now and is home to a richness of plant species that has evolved over millennia, which will contribute to and enhance all the efforts to mitigate climate change.

    It is evident that the area is valued by local residents because it is an easily accessible space which retains a rural character and contributes to the enjoyment of recreational users who appreciate its role as part of a larger area of open space within the river corridors. The development would erode the present balance between the natural environment and the built form