NO Hospital beds to be at New Velindre Cancer Centre: NO need to build on the meadows!

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Below is our letter sent to Councillors this morning, when we discovered Velindre have fundamentally altered their plans for the Northern Meadows. This means the decision made today is based on incurred and inaccurate submissions to the planning committee, and the application must be rejected to avoid unacceptable harm to a nature reserve, SINC, and SSSI, increase air pollution, harm our cultural heritage, and remove this community from its only access to green space.

Join us and call for this permission to be rejected now by emailing your councillors, and watch the application be heard at committee here:

Dear Councillor,

24 hours was all it took to show we were correct in our recent letter to you.

1.     Cardiff Planning pulled several applications from today’s agenda, so it really can be done at short notice.

 2.     Bat ecologists appeared yesterday around the Northern Meadows site, normally a precursor to work on site rapidly following. New Velindre is as bold as we said when it doesn’t yet have permissions. We didn’t over-dramatise.

3.     Senedd [Petitions] Committee yesterday took Nuffield very seriously indeed. Regarding our petition it reported to us that ‘as a result of further detailed information’ it is writing the Minister for Health and Social Services and is: 

·        ‘requesting an update following the Nuffield advice to Velindre’ and ‘a timeline for further consideration of the business case’, and

·        seeking a response to our further arguments ‘for a full independent review.’  

4.     It has emerged this week that Velindre has just changed their admissions policy, so that they will now have very few inpatients. There is now NO need for the 42 bed in patient unit proposed for the meadows, meaning the proposed development is fundamentally different from that permitted permission in 2017.

In other words, our warning to Councillors yesterday was indeed reliable. The last 24 hours raises a disturbing question in the public mind.

Why is Transforming Cancer Services pressing on with work at the Northern Meadows when, after Nuffield, everything’s changed beyond recognition and site-need assessment is back at square one?

A sceptical public will most likely choose its own answer to this conundrum from the following: 

New Velindre thinks: “spend the money of taxpayer and possibly charity donors fast until it’s too embarrassing for authorities to turn back, Nuffield or not.”

New Velindre thinks: “the Planning Committee will never let us down after all this. We’re destined to get approval. The public already thinks planning is rigged so one more won’t make any difference.” New Velindre thinks: “the Minister is swamped with Covid 19, and the call-in will get neglected or pulled for a bit of peace.”
This matter need not concern Councillors any longer.  The Council merely needs to authorise the pulling of the Northern Meadows applications today. Then everyone can relax over Christmas and watch until the new future of Velindre emerges from Nuffield repercussions and the new site-needs assessment. Please act now. It is Cardiff’s environment and health.


Save the Northern Meadow  

9 Responses

  1. Jane Elliott

    The meadows are vital for peoples well being even more so to enjoy whilst suffering from illness inc cancer and mental health

  2. Laura Ivins

    No Hospital beds?? Can it even be called a hospital or is it just a research centre with conference rooms?

  3. Gill Griffin

    A new VCC cannot go ahead on the Meadows in any shape or form . Clinical evidence and advice must be taken heed of . Climate emergency needs our trees and eco system

  4. Debra

    Agree entirely.
    I went to the Morganstown meeting yesterday about the bridge and sidings development, using a field gifted to the citizens for a lorry park? All temporary or so they say. I wanted to know if there was a connection with the old railway line connecting to Radyr in the back of someone’s mind linking to the development of housing around the Meadows. I still don’t really understand the plans, but when asked by his constituents MD said he did not know about the development. Confused?

  5. Clare Cook

    Please save the Meadows and create a fit for purpose hospital on an appropriate site near to an emergency hospital.

  6. Mair Davies

    Please don’t destroy the amazing northern meadow. The home of wildlife, trees and meadow plants. This has been a refuge for so many people for generations especially in this difficult year. If there will be no patient beds in the new hospital how can this be justified. We only get one chance to get this right for the good of cancer care in the future and if this is not fit for purpose why waste public money building it and risking local people’s health from pollution during the building. All this goes against Cardiff councils current biodiversity police. PLEASE DON’T DO IT.

  7. Sara Rudolph

    This beggars belief. What a scandal and outrageous misuse of tax payers money with no health benefits for the community – on the contrary the destruction of the meadow will impact on the health of all of us, including the children marching past the traffic jams for four years while dangerous site machinery pollutes the whole area. This on the day when a coroner ruled that traffic emissions played a part in the death of a nine year old girl

  8. Liz Hughes

    You must save this green space for future generations not sell it for short term private profit.

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