Object to 20/01110/MJR

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What must go in the objection:

If using the Cardiff Council portal you can just look around first as a guest:

Click Search > Planning > Simple_Search

To make an objection you must first register through any of the ‘register’ buttons. Not detailed or lengthy though have a password ready and expect to be asked for name, address & email address. They use this to inform you sometimes of significant developments on the application

Now you’re ready to go back and click on Comments or Document and you’re offered a page to write in. 


Make sure you head it with and include the following:

  • To Mr Justin Jones 
  • Planning number 20/01110/MJR
  • If applicable: “This Objection goes with my previously voiced objection to this application.”
  • ‘I wish (now) to object to the application above, 20/01110/MJR. This is for the following reasons (what follows can be helpfully bullet pointed or numbered):

Text formatting features will be wasted, so no point in italics, bold or underlining. 

  • Include the key concern: 
  • ‘I object’ on the grounds that one of the lodged documents has introduced a material change to the original application document 20/01110/MJR. It has applied for a new permanent road in an application clearly proposed as a: ‘Temporary Construction Access Route.’ It also included the promise that there would be no permanent access road except that already approved at the northern access point.

OPTIONAL CONTENT – pick and mix from one or more of the following plus your own brief take or impression (excluding abuse!):

In an additional document headed ‘New Velindre Cancer Centre Temporary Southern Construction Access Route, Section 3 Enabling Works we read the following: 

“The enabling works for the nVCC will create the new permanent access roads (via Asda to the North and Park Road from the SE)…”  Park Road from the South East is elsewhere described as a temporary access. 

The complete document is misleadingly entered in the Documents list as GIMS STATEMENT FINAL

The sentence above changes the nature of the entire application.

In fact it changes the nature of the original application in 2017 that was very clear on a single permanent access, namely from the north.

Promises to residents in the cursory consultation, accordingly, pledged that there would be no southern access route at all and now amended to say that no southern access route would be permanent.

Inserting a permanent route occurs quite deep: in a passage entitled Temporary Southern Access Route… inside a document called GIMS STATEMENT FINAL… found within an application for a Temporary Construction Access Route!