Quote: Robert Swan OBE, Polar Explorer and Environmental Leader

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

Our Community Newsletter, recently posted through doors in Whitchurch and the surrounding area, gives a stark warning about some of the very serious issues we’ve raised over the last 18 months regarding the proposed development of the Northern Meadows. Though these issues are extremely serious, they have been completely ignored by those who claim to act on our behalf, our local politicians, local council, the Welsh Government themselves and even the managers of Velindre Hospital. All have ignored the issues raised by the local community here in North Cardiff, but also the 163+ senior Clinicians from within the Welsh NHS who have expressed very serious concerns about the safety and future viability of a stand-alone cancer centre.

Please read and take on board the points raised here and help our campaign if you can by getting involved and also by donating to the Just Giving fundraiser for the legal challenge being undertaken by local resident Catherine Lewis.