Over the last 25 years, and especially the last 8 months, you have all worked incredibly hard to save the Northern Meadows. We have done this during a pandemic, putting our own needs aside to campaign for the needs of the vulnerable, the children who live here, future generations, and for the irreplaceable biodiversity that has supported us through these two lockdowns. It hasn’t been easy, and we are incredibly thankful for all of the hard work put in by volunteers to save this wonderful green space and protect our community. We stood together to save this incredible green space, and we thank you endlessly.But we are close to exhausting every avenue to challenge this out of date, unfit for purpose development. We have gathered 1000s of signatures, and written hundreds of letters to every elected official we could get our hands on – Members of the Senedd, Committee members, leader of the Welsh Government, local Councillors, and national Commissioners. But the system has failed us again, as it is failing communities and biodiversity across Cardiff, and across Wales.Our voice, and our community, has been actively dismissed and ignored. We will continue to be ignored as diggers and chainsaws roll in.

Unless we take a stand.

Join us to build a movement of resistance to a system driven by profit which says it knows what our area needs better than those who actually live here. Challenge the decision makers who say they care for the environment, yet cut down trees and happily destroy an SINC and areas of our nature reserves in the same breath. Refuse to be ignored by a system of comfortable politicians who actively resisted engaging with us and showed negligent disregard of us and our environment. Our community is healthy and diverse, flourishing with the incredible green space we live alongside. When we are so easily dismissed from the decision making process by a planning system rigged in favour of developers, we must show them we don’t mean to go down that easily. Now is the time. Let’s act together as one – let’s protect the Northern Meadows. When these ancient trees are gone they are gone. Let’s thank them for the air they provide us and protect them with the same breath.

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Thank you

The Save the Northern Meadows Group