TV presenter Iolo Williams supports Save the Northern Meadows during visit

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Nature Observer, author, and BBC and S4C presenter Iolo Williams visited the Northern Meadows in Cardiff on Thursday, meeting with campaigners and discussing our efforts to save the site from a medically and economically unsound plan by Velindre University NHS Trust for a new, standalone day centre for Cancer patients (a move opposed by 160+ Medics and many residents from the North Cardiff community, including Cancer patients).

Having already supported our campaign through social media, today he spent some meaningful time walking the meadows and surrounding nature reserve, disused railway cutting (which the community uses as a footpath), Iolo was able to experience what we are trying to save from the bulldozers. During the hour and half walk, Iolo listened to our concerns and the broad complexities involved here, stopping to chat and take photos with members from the community and supporters of the campaign. He heard about the extremely serious medical case for not locating the new Velindre cancer centre here, as well as the local flooding concerns and the obvious huge environmental loss as well.

Iolo personally and passionately appeals to those in a position of power to step in and make the right decision and stop the development before the destruction begins.

We hope that his visit to the Northern Meadows, especially during the week of the COP26 climate talks taking place in Glasgow, will allow more people to take on board and understand why local people are so against the destruction of this beloved area.

  1. Susan

    What a heartfelt plea Please, please listen to Iolo and the residents of Coryton and Whitchurch, do not destroy the meadows through mindless action. Everyone knows this is the wrong place for such an important Hospital. Listen to the experts who have raised their concerns about a stand alone Hospital in the meadows.

    I have lived in Coryton all my life and loved the Woodland walks, the meadows, the river, Lady Cory field. Please think of all of the children who will never again be able to play and enjoy the meadows and woodland, as I have for decades, if the whole area is destroyed. Trees chopped down, that are hundreds of years old, Potential flooding, already happening, owing to the clearance of trees that help the environment.

    Why are the powers that be so determined to destroy the very last vestige of greenery in our area! Haven’t they heard of global warming. I am heartbroken at the thought that some ministers, councillors are allowing this to happen, shame on you.

    Please think again.