Velindre University Health Board use Shameful Back-Door, Last Minute Announcement to Mark the Start of Clearing Work on the Northern Meadows.

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The community in Whitchurch and Coryton is in shock, after the Hollybush Estates Tenant Association and local Councillors were served a letter from Velindre stating they are seeking to begin clearing the Northern Meadows on Monday the 25th of October.

Sent at 4.20pm on Friday the 22nd of October, the cynical and harmful letter treats the community with contempt, when we have engaged consistently in due process over this matter for over 25 years. Most recently with over 100 individual objections, and 367 signatories opposing planning application 21/01954/MJR on Thursday the 21st of October. 

The letter ignores due process, which requires any use of a public right of way to be notified by the relevant ‘authority‘ – Cardiff Council, and has not received planning approval for the application for the discharge of condition 17 – a CEMP for the whole site must be completed before any clearance works begin.

Why is the hospital in charge of notifying the community about clearance? Why are the community the last to know about these significant, destructive developments? And how can clearance begin when planning application 21/01954/MJR, which seeks to give approval to their Construction Environmental Management plan, has not been accepted by the planning department? 

We ask that the public, MS’s, MP’s, Councillors, and all community members come together to resist this clearance work, which will kick off years of environmental destruction, traffic chaos, and overspending on a cancer centre which will only increase the risk of harm to seriously ill patients.

The full announcement is forwarded below.

5 Responses

  1. Patricia Troake

    Absolutely disgusting we need this space for the community there are plenty of other sites that could be used, the traffic in this part of Cardiff is already unsustainable

  2. Samantha Fielding

    For the sakes of nature, our wildlife, our green spaces for improving mental health, to avoid further adding to the risks of local flooding and creating more problems with infrastructure around an already congested area – all to build a cancer specialist hospital that, even your own consultants argue, should be on site at one of the main Welsh hospitals such as UHW – please please do not destroy our SSI, the Nothern Meadows. There is only financial gain to be had from this and so much more to lose.

  3. Liz Richardson

    Typically this letter is provocative, a tactic being used deliberatively annoy frustrate & anger any opposition.
    In the hope that any reaction may over step the mark, thus deflecting from any action the instigator takes
    In short it’s bullying.
    And indicative of the shambolic matter in which this whole project has been managed to date.
    It poses the question – does the hospital board & associates really know what they are doing ?

  4. Marie-Claire Chamberlain

    Having read the notification sent to the residents of the Hollybush Estate, it appears that the letter is totally misleading, telling the residents that there would be “limited clearance” and would be supervised by an Ecological Supervisor. What actually happened was that a digger with track wheels was deployed and dramatically churned up the ground that is essential to the wildlife on this meadow.
    At a time when the whole world is being told to reduce its carbon footprint and preserve nature, why is the Cardiff Council allowing this last surviving meadowland to be destroyed?

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