Welcome to Save the Northern Meadows 



This is a quick intro doc to save the northern meadows. It will give an overview of what the campaign is, who we are and how you can get involved.

Who we are

We are a collective of community volunteers, working together to save the meadow land and railway cutting from development. We are members of different organisations, as well as people from the community who love the meadow land.

We have a horizontal decision making structure and ask volunteers to do what they can. If you’re an artist, we’d love to work with you on a project based in the meadow. Or if you’re a teacher, you could help create educational resources. Everything done so far has not been decided by one person, but by the group of people who have come together following the start of the campaign.

Our goals

Our goals are to engage the community to use the meadows (and know that they’re there!), to empower people to present an informed view on the planning application, and to get everyone feeling confident about chatting to a decision maker about the proposed development.

  • We Want the meadow to become a part of the nature reserve.  
  • We want to work with Velindre and the University Health Board to utilise the meadow land, nature reserve and current Hospital site as a community wellbeing resource. 
  • This could involve planting trees and flowers, creating new habitat and creating a haven for wildlife in North Cardiff. 
  • The potential of this site for UHB, Velindre and the Welsh Government to achieve their biodiversity targets under the Well-being of Future Generations Act are great. This could incorporate education, recreation with the growth of a nature reserve, a carbon sink as well as a space for innovative forward looking therapies incorporating the natural world.

We want to work with the Welsh Government and the Health Boards to find a new purpose for this incredible site. 

Why are we objecting to the development?

We recognise the serious need to update cancer services in Wales. But we believe this site should never have been granted planning permission in the first place due to its inaccessibility and its proximity to the nature reserve.

These fundamental flaws in the location of the site mean any attempt to access it will cut a significant number of adult trees in the construction of two bridges and a temporary access road. It will break up an important wildlife corridor, ruin a historic representation of Welsh industrial history and disrupt pedestrian access to public amenities. 

  • This will be irreversible damage during our lifetimes at a time when serious action must be taken to fight the climate and biodiversity crises.
  • There has been sustained objection to this development by the community for over twenty years. Yet the Health Board has not changed the plan to build on this site or consider alternative designs which would allow it to utilise its current site and fantastic listed buildings. 
  • This development does not stand under the Environment (Wales) Act, the Well-being of Future Generations Act, and the Historic Environment (Wales) Act, as well as numerous international treaties.
  • The meadow, railway cutting and sports fields have become indispensable during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people in our community don’t have gardens, and so this space has become even more crucial to us. It offers us relief from the anxiety of staying at home, in a setting that is completely unlike any other found in a city.

How you can get involved

We are looking for people to help on the following things:

  • Drafting documents such as letters reaching out to local organisations, what to say when you’re objecting, how and who to contact etc
  • Running social media
  • Creating educational resources for everyone 
  • Researching into different laws/planning documents etc

Contact us via our facebook page (Save the northern meadows), instagram (cardiff_meadow) or twitter (@cardiffsave), or drop us an email at savethenorthernmeadows@gmail.com.